Weekly News update August 28-September 2

News Sep 03, 2023 2 min read

Iraq agreed to Disarm Kurdish Iranian Opposition group

In a significant move, Iraq said it will commit to disarm the Kurdish Iranian opposition group that has long been a thorn in the relations between Iraq and Iran. This issue persisted due to the inaccessibility of the Iraqi army to the area as the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) exerted pressure to prevent intervention on the border, because it sees it as a threat to its autonomy. However, with Iraq taking action, tensions between the Iraqi and Iranian governments are expected to ease.

Sentencing of ISIS Agents for Karrada Bombing

After more than seven years, the Iraqi government has finally sentenced three ISIS agents for their involvement in the deadly Karrada bombing of 2016. This attack, which occurred during Eid day, claimed the lives of 300 individuals and was one of the most tragic terrorist incidents witnessed by Iraqis in recent years. While the official war against ISIS may be over, the scars left by their actions are far from healed, and it is crucial to remain vigilant against both their deeds and propaganda.

Impact of India's Basmati Rice Price Minimum on Iraq

The recent implementation of a price minimum on Basmati rice in India is expected to have an impact on Iraq, unless strict regulations are put in place. There is concern that the absence of rigorous monitoring may lead to the export of "fake" Basmati rice to circumvent the fixed price minimum. Many importing countries, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, believe that the minimum price is excessively high. Since Basmati rice is a staple in Iraqi cuisine, this development will undoubtedly affect food prices in Iraq and may lead to the potential spread of unregulated and counterfeit Basmati rice, potentially posing public health risks.

French Soldier Killed in Ambush by ISIS

Another French soldier has lost their life this week in an ambush by the Islamic State (ISIS). This marks the third French soldier to have died in the span of just two weeks. Despite initially opposing the US invasion of Iraq, France currently has up to 600 soldiers deployed in Iraq under the pretext of fighting ISIS. These recent casualties highlight the ongoing risks faced by international military forces in the region.

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