About Us

Iraqnow was founded by a group of critical Iraqis who wanted to share content created for and by Iraqis about Iraqi history, art, culture and society. We believe in an independent Iraq consisting of diverse ethnicities, religions and traditions, all of which -we believe- share a love for independence and solidarity with Iraq.

There is currently a broad spectrum of perspectives on current sometimes disappointing developments in Iraq. We want to deal constructively with this by cultivating a vision and awareness of an independent Iraq based on a framework that illuminates the holistic relationship between political, socioeconomic and cultural dimensions of life in Iraq.

We are convinced that the first step to independence is an understanding of Iraqi culture and history. Culture is a dynamic phenomenon that we Iraqis must take into our own hands by reproducing and interacting with it, but this is only possible by first acquainting ourselves with history and culture. It is important that Iraqis do this themselves instead of others taking advantage of this knowledge at the expense of Iraq and Iraqis. Moreover, we hope to bring together Iraqis wherever and whoever they are.

Iraqnow is not sponsored by - and has no ties to - any political party or institution.

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