The mother who brings us together

Culture Sep 24, 2021 1 min read

Umm Kulthum visited Iraq in 1932. The Egyptian singer, accompanied by her orchestra, was welcomed by a large crowd of Iraqis, including the famous poet Maruf al Rusafi, Baqir al-Shabibi and some of the Iraqi tribal sheikhs. An Iraqi newspaper stated that “the mother (umm) is the one who brings us together except for those who expel evil”, methodically calling on the similarities between the Iraqi and Egyptian struggle against the British occupation.

Umm Kulthum (left) with Iraqi poet al-Rusafi (right)

Upon leaving, Umm Kulthum wrote:

I will leave this country while carrying a beautiful memory because of the emotions and sublime feelings that I received from you, which all indicate your hospitality and beautiful nature.

‎ سأترك هذه البلاد وفي نفسي ذكرى جميلة لما لاقيته منكم من عاطفة وشعور سام يدل على حسن ضيافتكم وعنصركم الطيب
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