Iraq and Sheikh Jarrah

Politics May 24, 2021 1 min read

Written on 7 May 2021

On this Friday in Ramadan we stand still and think of the people of Palestine who are rising up against the brutal occupation and theft of their land.

We Iraqis should stand up and support our brothers and sisters. The youth defending Sheikh Jarrah are defending our honor.  The Palestinian Nation has held the frontline against the imperialist invasion of our region for decades despite the treason of many Arab governments.

Iraqis are suffering at the hands of the same oppressor. The gaping wound they inflicted on us stretches from Jerusalem passing through Damascus to Baghdad.

We will never normalize with the Zionist regime. It is only when we, the indigenous people of the region, realize that our faiths are connected and join forces that we can finally expel the occupiers and live in peace and prosperity.

Until that day we will be terrorized by the Zionist, western colonists.

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