Rest in peace my brothers

Opinion Oct 14, 2020 2 min read

You were found on October 14 on a beach in Le Touquet, France. One of you was 17 and the other was 22. One of you was supposed to be from Iraqi Kurdistan and the other from Iraq. Your bodies were not far apart. Hence, it is assumed that you were on the same inflatable boat without a motor to make the crossing to the United Kingdom.

We don't know much more about you than this. You have not received more than a brief mention in a few newspapers. You have remained two anonymous bodies. Two bodies with no personality. Two bodies without friends and family. Two bodies without dreams. Two bodies without pain. Two bodies without a culprit.

They pretend that the sea killed you. A tragic accident that no one could do anything about. They pretend that nobody is to blame.

Not the coalition of countries that have bombed the entire infrastructure of your country. Not the coalition of countries that has disrupted society as a whole and institutionalized sectarianism by constitution. Not the countries that polluted your water, air and soil. Not the countries that loot your country together with some of their servants.

You took the boat from France, a country part of the coalition that bombs your country. The borders were closed for you, but for Total, the French company that pumps oil from your country, the borders were open. The oil left your country without a visa, without having to pass the fences, barbed wire and the armed border guards.

Your goal was to go to the United Kingdom, also one of the countries that bombs your country. For you the borders were closed, but for the oil that Brtish Petroleum and Shell are pumping out of Iraq the borders were open. The Borders are also open  for your fellow countrymen who loot your country together with their host country. They can come and deposit the stolen money into their host country's bank accounts whenever they want.

The hopeless situation in Iraq caused by foreign powers and their Iraqi servants has caused these boys to flee their country. The same countries involved in the looting of Iraq then ensure, through their border control, that the cold sea is the only way out of this situation.

Our house has been set on fire, which is why millions of us are leaving the country where we were born. The same forces that set our house on fire then left the sea as the only option to escape this reality. These boys like thousands of others left the burning hell of war , only to die in the cold hell of the sea. This is not a tragic accident, but this is murder. And just like these guys have names, the culprits have names too.

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