Iraqi Prime minister in the White House

Politics Jul 26, 2021 1 min read

Today, Iraqi prime minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi is meeting Joe Biden in the white house. While Mustafa Al Kadhimi is in the white house to meet Joe Biden, Iraq is being bombed.

Joe Biden (left) and Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi (Right)

This meeting will be held in light of the pending Iraqi elections that are set for October this year. It is expected that Biden and Al-Kahdimi will announce that the US presence in Iraq will shift from a combat to an advisory role. With this move they attempt to give Al-Kadhimi a victory to prop him up for the elections. It furthermore provides the Americans with a pretext to claim that they have honored the request of the Iraqi Parliament and people.

It is however a clear attempt to re-brand the American occupation. The request of the Iraqi parliament and people was clear: full withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraqi soil.

Anything that falls short from this request will not be accepted and remaining troops will be treated as occupiers.

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