Iraqis in western media

Opinion Nov 13, 2021 1 min read
British Army comes to Polish border and Iraqi government returns citizens.

Headlines like these are used in the media all over the world. What is omitted however, is that the absolute majority of the refugees that are trying to cross from Belarus into Poland are Iraqi Kurds.

This is not to say that Kurds are not part of Iraq. But one must note that whenever the news is negative, Kurds suddenly become Iraqi again in Western media. This is done to obfuscate the fact that the western sponsored neo-liberal Kurdish project is a complete failure.

The shiny malls and hotels have only served the rich. The Barazani-maffia led regime has amassed enormous wealth while the population suffers just like in the rest of Iraq. The west gives the KRG a free-pass to steal and clamp down on dissent without facing international backlash.

The British army played a big role in creating the status quo in Iraq. Besides being the second army in the war and occupation, the UK is a major destination for stolen Iraqi wealth. Now they are making sure the refugees that are escaping the hell they created won't get to europe.

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