Iraq invasion: 19 years of pain and destruction

Opinion Mar 20, 2022 1 min read

Today, all over the globe, people with dignity think about the pain and destruction that was caused by the US-led invasion of Iraq19 years ago in 2003.

The war waged by the US led coalition terrorized the whole Iraqi nation. Words do not suffice to express the pain and horror that was caused by it.

The destruction of Iraq was to serve as an example to the rest of the world:
Comply with US-imperialism or you will end up like Iraq.

Trillions were spent to kill, rape, rob and displace millions of men and women. Sectarianism was sown and terror was imported. These horrors were not unintended side effects of the war or political blunders. The goal of Operation Shock and Awe was to terrorize the people into subjugation. The violent destruction was needed to paralyze the average Iraqi citizen even if he survived this American onslaught.

Today Iraq is entangled in several political, economic and social crises
& the 2003 war is slowly becoming a distant memory, merely an historical episode. Iraq remains actively occupied by the United States and her lackeys. The root of many problems in Iraq go back to this imperialist assault on the beloved people of Iraq.

Nobody responsible for the Iraq invasion ever suffered any consequences for the great evil they inflicted. The western empire's murderous war machine continues to repeat its evils.

One of things the US invasion made clear is that it is high time to stop supporting any US war-hunger propaganda, in Iraq and beyond.

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